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Report on February 3rd, 2018 Conference: U.S. Saudi Coalition: bringing peace or war?

The five speakers at the conference had all varying points of view around the the topic of U.S./Saudi relations. The first two speakers had a view from perspective of being from the Arabian Peninsula, while the last three scholars had unique American views of the relationship.

In short, one could classify the two perspectives as those struggling for liberation of the Arabian Peninsula from Saudi terror and trying to preserve and/or enhance American liberty in post-911 atmosphere of degrading Constitutional rights.

The first speaker, Dr. Aisha Jumaan, offered a statistically detailed presentation of the human catastrophe going on in Yemen, as a result of the Saudi imposed war on that ancient country. More than fourteen million people require immediate humanitarian assistance and seven million are at risk of famine.

The Saudi war on Yemen has been going for three years, now; far beyond the expected thr…